Current coverage areas include: Ikorodu and Lagos Mainland & Island axis, Lagos State

Our Services

Listed below are categories of our services:

  • our sole objective is to bring physiotherapy services to the home of individuals.
    Beneficiaries of this service include patients confined to bed, geriatric patients, individual inaccessible to hospitals with qualified physiotherapists to mention a few

  • we have well resident and well equipped physiotherapists who are capable of providing physiotherapy services to Hospitals, Private Clinics, Sport facilities and others where the establishments prefer to outsource physiotherapy services.
    Hospitals, Clinics and Sport Facilities who take advantage of this service will be privileged to have dedicated and Onsite-physiotherapists to handle everyday and emergency injuries and Neuro-musculo-skeletal Conditions.
    We have been structured to facilitate acquisition of Modern day Physiotherapeutic equipments thereby enabling us to extend goodies of physiotherapy to individuals afflicted by various Neuro-musculoskeletal Conditions.
    We provides support not only to our clients but also to their caregivers as well. We quite understand the fact that being a caregiver can be tasking and energy sapping and we want to help.

    So, from choosing the right aids, to finding the appropriate equipment, to teaching caregivers how to help with exercises, we connect you to the most relevant education or resources you need. We are your advocates in continuing care.

    In the past, it was believed that after suffering a stroke, you have a 3-6 month window to recover. Whatever you are able to gain, that’s it. Many people still believe this. However, research shows that years after a stroke, you can still make significant gains. Many changes toward healing and relearning can continue to happen in the brain and in your body. Post-stroke rehabilitation occurs typically 6-12 months after a stroke.

    Common issues include:
    – Arm/hand & leg weakness / paralysis (typically on one side)
    – Impaired [Changes in] sensation
    – Pain (i.e. shoulder)
    – Impaired walking due to weakness, foot drop
    – Poor Balance in sitting and standing
    – Challenges with coordination
    – Speech impairments
    – Fine motor skill loss (i.e.writing)
    – Movement planning difficulty
    – Low exercise tolerance

  • Here are a few facts about seniors and falling.
    – Every 10 minutes a senior is hospitalized for a fall
    – 1 in 3 seniors will fall this year
    – Falls account for 40% of all nursing home admissions
    Everyone experiences a fall every so often. While most falls are not serious, they can be catastrophic. Falls are especially devastating among seniors causing over 90% of hip fractures and 60% of head injuries. On top of that, the fear of falling often prevents seniors from staying active, which lowers their quality of life.
    Kabworld Physiotherapy offers fall prevention services, educating you on safer ways to move and addressing environmental risks so that you can move with confidence. Our physiotherapists will work with you to help improve balance and strength, which help prevent the chance of a future fall. Based on your goals, we provide a personalized program of exercises, and continue to monitor progress and adjust the program as necessary. We also help to assess your need for mobility aids like a walker, cane, or other device. The increased balance, strength, and confidence from working with our physiotherapists often leads to a higher quality of life as a result of increased physical activity, but also social interactions from being able to move more easily.
    Kabworld Physiotherapy takes a client-centered approach, considering factors such as what your movement goals are and how these will be achieved. We work holistically with you, addressing areas such as posture, shoulder stability, overall strength, functional mobility, balance (standing and sitting), trunk stability (i.e. being able to sit on edge of a bed or chair), relearning how to move effectively and efficiently (motor relearning), cardiovascular health (exercise), and coordination.

    We want to help you restore your movement so that you can live life as you want to

    Kabworld Physiotherapy at Home offers safety assessments as part of our domiciliary services. From identifying fall hazards to assessing the appropriateness of equipment and aids, we strive to make your home environment as safe and as conducive to wellness and ease of living as possible using ergonomic principles